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We are a studio for product- and user experience design

We are passionate
about humanity

What we make should have a reason to exist and induce a positive impact on our lives. We care about what we make and the way it is brought to life. We are convinced, the most sustainable product is the one people cherish and want to preserve.

We are experts
in being beginners

Great solutions result from good questions. To get the big picture of your business right, we are careful to start each project with a beginners mind, questioning the task and research for first hand experiences to generate surprising insights. Being notoriously curious and constantly learning about materials, technology, trends and insights, as well as having decades of profound experiences from diverse other sectors under our belt, we add fresh perspectives from outside to your team.

We are obsessed with details

We believe great design is the best marketing tool. Meaningful products, rooted in insight, aligned with your brands purpose and executed in a beautiful and solid way cut through the noise. To make sure your product performs and appears as beautifully as intended and is implemented within manufacturing constraints, timeframe and on budget, we are ready to get our hands dirty and dive into each detail.

We go the extra mile

We don’t drop and run. We are happy to support your brand in growing and evolving over its lifetime and take responsibility for the development process along the entire path – until the market launch and beyond.

We are easy to work with

As a boutique sized design studio, we maintain a fast and transparent design process with direct and personal communication. We are free for flexible fee structures, tailored to each projects needs, be it fixed fee, license mode or even a partnership to enable worthwhile products we are convinced of, to come to market. Having worked in various fields of industry for entrepeneurs as well as for companies which are around for centuries, we are always keen to get to know each partner, to deeply understand the core of it´s business and to come up with a customized way of collaboration. We proudly take our decades-long lasting client-relationships as proof of trust.


Ute Walliser
Textile Designer & Partner


Markus Hillemann
Industrial Designer & Partner

As textile designer, Ute worked several years for companies in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. With establishing her own business in Munich she gained a widespread experience in creating and guiding product brands for customers like Sport Scheck, BMW, Karstadt Sport, Reebok or Migros, before joining Hillemann Design as partner. With her deep intuition for user need and market opportunities, Ute is responsible for developing design strategies and brand appearances as well as the finishing look and feel of our products.

With profound analytical skills, an intuition for shape, technical insights and knowledge about user behaviour from 25+ years of experience, Markus is responsible for product design and user interface projects.
Having graduated with a degree in Industrial Design at the Braunschweig University of Art, Markus has worked on projects in the field of medical equipment, industrial and consumer goods before establishing Hillemann Design.

Hillemann Design
Kirchbergstr. 23a
85402 Kranzberg/Germany